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Votes, Memories, and Recommendations!

In the latest episode of the podcast, I cover a bit of election-year trivia regarding Maine and how we (as a state) do things differently than almost all the other states.

Also, two new features come to the podcast: Maine Memories & Podcast Recommendations.

Many thanks to Scot Fuller of the Frozen Truth, FindJodi, Dead & Gone in Wyoming, and Status Pending podcasts for sharing the first Maine Memory with the podcast. Scott is a radio host and true-crime podcaster with a fantastic story-telling voice and connection with our amazing state. Do you have a good, bad, funny, strange, or otherwise amazing memory about Maine? Please contact me so we can share it on the podcast!

Stay tuned after the closing to here my podcast recommendations, which conveniently are for a few of Scott's excellent podcasts! What are your favorite podcasts?

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