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The Amazing Promo!!!

Well, folks, it is two days until the (hopeful) official launch of the podcast and I cannot be happier! One of my favorites, The Frozen Truth Podcast has already run my promo trailer!!

Frozen Truth is a serial true-crime podcast that picks a different case each season and does a deep-dive into the evidence, details, witnesses, and anything else the host (Scott Fuller) can find. I love true-crime podcasts, and Frozen Truth is one of the best. Here's why:

1. Scott takes his investigation very seriously. Scott is a professional journalist who not only heavily researches the cases, he goes on location. Scott's episodes are filled with otherwise unheard-of details and interviews. Each season is not just a tour through the existing evidence, it an impressive investigation into what actually happened, what people know, and where the case really exists in our world today.

2. Scott has a strong connection to Maine! Scott spent much of his young life visiting the coast of Maine, Pemaquid to be exact, and still comes here on vacation. Check out Season 2 of Frozen Truth for a heartbreaking and important case here in Maine, the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds.

3. Scott is a wonderfully helpful guy and has given me, a brand-new podcaster, a lot of helpful advice. Scott also didn't bat an eye when I asked if he would run my promo. Thank you, Scott!

So, do you want to hear the trailer? If so, head to your favorite podcast app and look up the latest episode of Frozen Truth. It's an update on a previous season, a case true-crime buffs know well!

So if you would, please support Frozen Truth as a thank you for support The Amazing Maine Podcast. I have linked the website above and Frozen Truth is on Facebook and Twitter. Find them on your app of choice and subscribe!

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