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Thanks for the help, Trace Evidence!

A big thank you to a great host & podcast: Steven Pacheco of Trace Evidence!

Steven has a big audience, and in his most recent episode, he was kind enough to play my promo at the end. This episode covered the strange and sad Blue Ridge Savings Bank Triple Homicide, which is a crime that doesn't "fit the mold" of the typical bank robbery and remains unsolved. You can listen on the Trace Evidence website, or right here. Trace Evidence is also on all major podcast platforms/apps & social media.

I have been listening to Trace Evidence for years now, since the early days of the podcast, and have not missed an episode. I can't claim to be Steven's first listener, but looking back I listened to my first episode in July of 2017, which was Episode 2, The Disappearance of Tara Calico. August of 2017 was a binge-fest of Steven's episodes it appears, all listened to while riding the Downeateser (one of the few trains that operate in Maine) to my then-job in southern Maine.

What do I love about Trace Evidence? Easy - the detail. Steven is clearly a great researcher, and his podcast has an immense amount of detail on each case. Steven's delivery style is very well-paced, and all of that detail never feels overwhelming. If you like true crime podcasts and don't want just another summary pulled from a wiki, then Trace Evidence is for you.

Another thing that I have appreciated about Steven and Trace Evidence is the encouragement. Whether Steven knows it or not, his live streams on social media have helped me get over my fear of launching my own podcast. Steven is very frank, helpful on all sorts of questions, and much like Robin Warder from my previous post, is very down-to-earth. Maybe they are related......

Thank you, Steven, and to everyone else, I highly recommend you take a listen!

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