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Thank You to "The Trail Went Cold"!!

A very big THANK YOU to a truly excellent true-crime podcast, The Trail Went Cold! In the most recent episode, you can hear my trailer, which is a big help in getting the word out about my podcast. The Trail Went Cold will always be a bit special to me, as it was the first podcast I was ever on! Read more below.

You can listen to the episode right here, or on your favorite app. The Trail Went Cold is on all major podcast apps/catchers.

The Trail Went Cold is a weekly true-crime podcast by writer Robin Warder, and it is not only in my "top 5" favorites," it is one of the very first podcasts I subscribed to when I caught the podcast bug a few years ago. I grew up watching "Unsolved Mysteries" and loved the show, so when I started poking around for good podcasts, I searched for a few old cases that I thought MAYBE someone had covered deep in the depths of the pod-verse.....enter Robin Warder, Honorable Defender of the Robert Stack Raincoat.

The case I searched for that day was that of Don Kemp. Fans of "Unsolved Mysteries" will remember that this case was covered in the very first episode, hosted by Raymond Burr. I didn't think anyone would have gone back and covered it, but I was wrong. Not only did Robin cover it, he really got into some of the very strange details of the case that I had been thinking about since the mid-80s. I immediately became a fan, binging all the back episodes and reliving all of my pitiful attempts to solve cases in my early teen years. I admit to being a bit cocky, thinking I had seen every episode of "Unsolved Mysteries," but Robin quickly proved me wrong by diving into cases I had never heard of.

One of those cases is the sad story of Joel Lovelien. Robin regularly picks a listener to read an opening for his podcast, and I had the opportunity to narrate the opening for Joel's case. The case fits into the "this should be solvable" category but has yet to be cracked. I highly recommend listening to Robin's review and learning about this heartbreaking case.

Thanks again to Robin and The Trail Went Cold crew, including Magill Foote who edits the podcast. Magill very kindly answered some of my newbie questions and I appreciate his and Robin's help very much.

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