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How to (not) Kondo your house

One rule Marie Kondo didn't add to her popular book, "If you as a husband are already struggling to produce your podcast, do not try to Kondo your house when you have multiple daughters and an approaching mother-in-law." I am quite sure she would have phrased it that way if she had remember to include this important rule. Absolutely sure.

Several weeks ago on a long drive to a friend's house in Vermont, my wife said, "I have this new audiobook from a lady that has a great way to clean up our house, want to listen?" As a husband I learned long ago that this required an answer in the affirmative, and that my plan to simply bulldoze our house a start anew was being replaced by a seemingly crazy Japanese woman who wants me to talk to my underwear. Fast forward a few weeks, the house is turned upside down with piles of clothes everywhere.....and then the mother-in-law says she is coming. Okay Ms. Kondo, Queen of the Discard, what now? I'll tell you what now, forget recording those already languishing episodes and start moving those piles to further reaches of the basement. Why? Because there was not a single place to sit in the house and we figured or guests may want to. The mother-in-law is deathly afraid of cats too, so make sure those smell-producers are sequestered in the basement as well as that Vesuvius-sized mound of unmatched socks.

In truth, the Kondo-method seems to be working. It was a good idea my wife had, and shockingly even the kids are coming on board with the plan. When the people at the local charity-donation drop start to roll their eyes at your arrival, you know you are on the right track. Not getting recording and editing done? Can't really blame that on the lady that wants me to thank my old contact lens cases before I throw them out. Truth is I've been in a production rut for many weeks and need to snap out of it!

Anyone else Kondo-ing their house? Find anything you wish you hadn't?

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