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Art Department, give me a "GO / NO-GO" for launch....


Well, in case you haven't already noticed, we have a NEW logo!! Courtesy of my good friends at Jarato Screen Printing & Design, our new logo is now live and ready for action.....which means I will hopefully remember to put it up on all of my accounts before the launch next week!

I can't say enough about the folks at Jarato. If you need screen printing, logo design, embroidery, or promotional products then please check them out. If you are looking to support a family-run, Maine business, you can't do any better. They ship everywhere too.....they have surf shops in Hawaii that are long-term clients! I am sure there is a joke there somewhere about a business in the mountains of Maine supporting a surf shop in Hawaii, but I'll let you ponder it :)

A note on launching the podcast - panic has set in. I am in that stage where I think everything I have recorded is terrible, I have no idea what I am doing, and no one will listen. Someday there will probably be a full-blown condition named after this....something better than "cold feet" or "hesitation"......perhaps, "launch-itis"?

Well, the day approaches, so I need to get back to work. Lots of accounts to create, feeds to adjust, and even more uploading. Stay tuned!

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