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Always Nice to be Mentioned!

A big thank you to The Risktory Podcast and The School of Podcasting !!

Everyone likes to be noticed, right? As a podcaster and a relatively new podcaster to boot, it is VERY helpful to be mentioned by a more experienced podcast with a lot of listeners. When I started this podcast back in January, I was very blessed by the hosts of some of my favorite podcasts, who played my trailer and mentioned me during the opening or closing of an episode.

Recently, two podcasts have done so, and one for the second time. Jacinthe A. Galpin, the host of The Risktory Podcast, very kindly dedicated an episode about The Tyco International scandal to me. Remember Tyco and the rather, uh, "nasty" birthday party on the island of Sardinia? Well, I worked at one of Tyco's many acquisitions during the late 90s and early 2000s. To be blunt, it was nothing short of the Movie "Office Space" with absurdly bloated management structures, pointless paperwork, and fawning worship by middle-management of Tyco's king, Dennis Kozlowski. If you want to hear a great run-down of the entire scandal, with naughty ice sculptures and gold shower curtains included, then follow the link below to the episode! Thank you, Jacinthe!

Another mention comes courtesy of Dave Jackson, at The School of Podcasting. If you are thinking of starting a podcast, are newly launched, or a veteran, I recommend Dave's show. There are hundreds of episodes with interviews, topical discussions (monetizing, equipment, websites, etc.), and one of my favorite segments, "The Question of the Month." In the episode released today, Dave played my answer to his most recent question, "What is your favorite podcast episode (from your show?" I chose my fifth episode, "Maine Maple Sunday" where I interviewed Scott Dunn, president of the Maine Maple Producers Association. Dave's episode is linked below, and if you would like to learn more about Maine maple syrup, just go to the player on my home page, follow this link, or look the podcast up on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Podbean. Thank you, Dave!

New episodes coming soon, as well as two new podcast segments for the show, and some sarcastic Amazing Maine Podcast merchandise! Please follow, subscribe, review, comment, and shout from the rooftops!

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