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The Amazing Maine Podcast

The unofficial podcast of Maine's culture, history, people & places...and anything else you and I find interesting!

Welcome to the Amazing Maine Podcast, a podcast dedicated to all things Maine: history, culture, food, people, places, and everything unique in between.  Please subscribe, rate, and send feedback!

Misty Woodland
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What do you say we actually launch this podcast? that’s right, on January 15, 2020, the first episode of The Amazing Maine Podcast will...

Thanksgiving Dinner - Mainer Style

How does one eat a Thanksgiving feast like a true Mainer? Well, I'll share a few tidbits of info.....a slight warning - this will...

Howzabouta Real Domain Name??

How about a real domain name? Well, even podcasts that take a long time to come alive eventually take the plunge and buy a real domain...

Do Scorpions Eat Apples?

Becoming a digital nomad means that certain questions will arise.....such as do predatory arachnids consume fruit?

Crime in Maine: The Ayla Reynolds Case

Maine has traditionally had a very low crime rate when compared to most other states in the nation. The reasons for this are varied, but...

How to (not) Kondo your house

One rule Marie Kondo didn't add to her popular book, "If you as a husband are already struggling to produce your podcast, do not try to...

Is big money a danger to small voices?

A recent article from the Boston Globe discusses the issue of corporate money coming into the podcast realm....are small voices at risk?

Recording in 3,2,1.......

It's not a podcast without some episodes, right? Recording is underway....the promo is done, working on episodes 1 & 2. Still working...

We are now on Instagram!

As the post says, it was my wife's idea.....but a good one! Please follow Amazing Maine Podcast! #amazingmaine...

Hey, we have a website!!

Today is an important day of firsts everybody....not only have I created my first blog post, but also my first website, and I woke up...

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