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The unofficial podcast of Maine's culture, history, people & places...and anything else you and I find interesting!

Welcome to the Amazing Maine Podcast, a podcast dedicated to all things Maine: history, culture, food, people, places, and everything unique in between.  Please subscribe, rate, and send feedback!

Misty Woodland

Well, here's some harsh (and accurate) podcasting advice....

A recent article by The Portland Pod asks the bold question, "I'm Afraid My Podcast Will Suck, So Why Bother?" Interestingly, this is the biggest reason that all the great ideas rattling around in my head haven't made it to a podcast hosting site yet. If you are a new or aspiring podcaster, I recommend the read. Drop me a line if you would like to discuss what's holding you back.....believe me, you are not alone. #podcast #maine #portlandpod


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